Cultivating Art & Culture

An eclectic building pushing forward a cultural fabric that highlights Chicago’s dynamic and diverse creative sector housed in the foundation, pillars and vast hallways of what once was the world’s largest macaroni factory.
lacuna lofts indoor office space
lacuna lofts outdoor bar
lacuna lofts outdoor art murals
lacuna lofts indoor event space
lacuna lofts nighttime rooftop event
lacuna lofts light fixture details
lacuna lofts rooftop at sunset
lacuna lofts rooftop wedding
lacuna lofts exterior street view shot


Pilsen’s Cultural Hub

LACUNA serves as a haven for both established and up-n-coming artists and small business professionals throughout the Chicagoland area. It is now a home to a plethora of individuals and small businesses. as well as an artistic hub and event space for the growing community of the Pilsen Art District


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